IMO: A Hopeless Hope of Jakarta

To a city I called it Jakarta.

I love you for becoming a place to linger my dream to pile coins. And for being a city of authority. Nothing more.

To a city I’ll never called it home. Fierce and fragile. Where I never feel secure to walk in pedestrian or at any place and at any time not because of the non-existence of the law itself but because of the people who are buried in their own greed. A greed of having something that they’re not. A greed of other people RIGHTS. And a greed of blaming government for not able to fulfill their greed. Thief, robbery, chaos, murder, corruption, violence, fraud is a medium-to-large crime in stealing other people RIGHTS. So what’s a regular crime in stealing other people RIGHTS? Too many I can’t count. Example, an animal instinct whenever in/out of public transportation (train, bus, transjakarta) to get the first in/out or to get a seat, to ride motorcycle at the pedestrian, to honk loudly and impatiently in the traffic lights, to crazy over private cars and instead public transportation, to not able on queuing and else. I pity people who lives here for losing right to live in peace. Too many to describe yet words can’t tell.

This is your face Jakarta. A capital city of this country. This is your face people who lives in it.

I hate hearing how people blaming government because what I believe is it ourselves who can change ourselves. And then change our inner circle. And outer circle.



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