Older Wiser Happier

This was a blackberry messenger status of my very best-friend. I was intrigued.

A question to mind, getting older wiser and happier, am I?

I’m not gonna say no, seems I am not grateful enough. but the feeling just doesn’t feel right.

Am I try to be happier?

Perhaps, I don’t know. Sometimes in life you just don’t know what happen to yourself. Somehow you lost in the middle of nowhere. That’s what happen to me in couple of weeks ago, and I am not the only one. Maybe you too. I’ve tried to do anything I love but it doesn’t make me feel better in a longer term. Is it because we’re getting older getting wiser getting the sense which one is good or bad; higher responsibility?

Maybe. Until I realize being so young and free is good. Being young, you can go wild and carefree and make stupid mistakes, less money tons of time tons of energy but still insanely happy. While being an adult is such a shit to face and to deal with. Being an adult you need to grow your sense of responsibility, set a good example for yourself your surrounding, make more money for living with tons of work-time and left you tons of dream to be free. And this turning point. Never an always-pleasant journey. But that’s how we suppose to go through. Maybe for me. Maybe for you. I don’t know.

and If I can turn back the time, will I do that?

I don’t think so. But I hope to meet my long lost freedom, going somewhere deserted, perhaps, where nobody recognize me. I’d like to scream. Throw everything away. My blackberry. My rage. May dream. My everything. Left me with myself. so that I can talk to myself alone. dealing with the future me. and facing the present me. wiser and happier.

Maybe this is me. Maybe this is you. I don’t know.

Let’s getting older wiser and happier together.



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