I Fear

I fear gossiping

I fear life sharing

I fear life witnessing

I fear long-time marriage life

I fear being adult

I fear being a role model

I fear their life effect mine

Once I made write what on my mind status on facebook: Don’t you think when you have children, you have to start to behave yourself? Like no cursing or less grumbling perhaps. No?

There’s reason why I write such a status. I like seeing other people status most of them are married and have children but all I could read was curse and complain for little things. I don’t get it how they’re gonna be an adult and set a good example for their children later. I have this fear of unable to set a good role model for people around me mostly my future children. I find it ridiculous if you angry when you hear your kid saying bad things while you as a parent didn’t keep your mouth clean.

When we were young we saw our parents as a model of a mother and a father. As we grew we saw people as a model of a woman and a man. We need a role model in life right?  Mostly when we were asked who’s our role model we will say a mother and a father as our role model. Most will see their parents at their best without fault and ignore their flaw. When you stuck in a condition where you saw that fault and witness their juggling life, you put them as a model to never have such things like them. They are adults and they are human they can make mistake too but I like more when I said it’s life.



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