Have U Ever Been There?

ph : wehearit

Have u ever been there?

When you have to battle evil thoughts and to suppress the bad voice within? I might believe something you don’t believe. I believe I can talk to my heart and I know there’s evil and angel there. Evil which drive me to evil thoughts with evil voice and angel with holy thoughts and holy voice.

Have u even been there?

Where you have to fight against evil voice while your angel thoughts is the right one whilst the evil voice scream louder than the right thoughts?Sometimes bad things is something that good, way too good, but sin or guilty or whatever it called are the consequences. While good things most of the times comes with great effort, strong faith, and vigorous will against luring distractions.

Have u ever been there?

When you know you’re not allowed to consume liquor that high possibility drive you drunk but you have that urge to contaminate your blood? When you knew smoke bring no health but you struggle to count how many butt left in your astray everyday, hoping it’ll lessen by itself? When loving someone desperately while he/she didn’t even take a glance to you, yet you expect him/her like you expect god?

Have u ever been there?

Lost in your self. Not knowing what to do. Not knowing how to do. Lost in how people will judge you. Not knowing which to decide. Not knowing how to move on. Letting yourself drown and don’t have the strength to come up to the surface. Needing someone at your lowest but she/he’s not there. Wanting to do best but end up worst. Craving for support you can’t get.

Have u ever been there?

Spending tons of time talking to yourself. Talking with your heart with its evil and angel inside. Dealing with how you identify what you ‘want’ and what you ‘need’. Deciding how reality quarrel against dream. Being at peace at the end you know yourself more. When you doubt yourself, talk to yourself more and give yourself the benefit of the doubt.

Have you?



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