Bleed It Out

I was in the bank yesterday to take care some matter and my husband accompany me. There’s a mother, a babysitter, a children. I wasn’t aware enough what they did. Then I heard it from my husband the usual thing parents did in order to make their children quite or stop playing around.

I hate it (for sure) if there’s a parent try to scare their children by saying a security or a police or authorities will get mad if their children didn’t behave (read: crying, playing around, whining – you named it behavior that test parents patient). I hate it how in early age where their children start to talk to walk to curious over things and parents overwhelmed by their children development and can’t suppress their self-ego and they start to talk to treat their children with less affection, which I believe only because they’re tired.

This kind of attitude that parents had, have, will have that apparently scared the hell out of me. I still see many parents do thoughtless act like that. For what I can see the mother in the bank is someone who’s wealthy enough and educated enough-I guaranteed because she can have account in a bank and can hire a babysitter. Apparently the way you were educated wasn’t a guarantee you can raise a children in a wiser manner, mostly we learn how to achieve degree in academic but then sometimes we forgot to enhance and to achieve degree with summa cum laude result physiologically.

Sometimes I have this feeling to have a baby as soon as possible just like everybody else but then I always realize how hard being a parent is. How hard it is to suppress self-ego so as being a wise parent. I don’t want to be the parents I saw mostly everywhere, I remember clearly past make you today, what adults and parents did in the past will influence future and that’s how they make me scare of being an thoughtless individual.

Some people were asked me the reason why I haven’t have a baby. They will give me reasons that scared the hell out of me. Some says if you don’t have children you’ll get bored and if you have children will a toy you can play with. Some says the earlier you have children you will not have a wide age gap with your children, so you can be their friend. or what ever you named it. A child isn’t a toy you can on and off playing with. A child isn’t a friend, they’ll have their own friend.

It just I think I need better explanation why there’s a lot young people out there with their hormone raging spit their life to drugs, to free-sex, to aggressive behavior, to galau-mode-on, to i-am-always-right attitude. While nowadays adults will questioning why they are like that. Better ask where were you to raise a children with thoughtful manner if it’s not coming from a thoughtful parents.

What the hell of people say. I am not gonna complain the way you’ll educate or raise children, am not gonna say you’re damn right or wrong, am just saying so you can think before you do something and deal with the consequences.  I hate it when people can’t deal with the consequences they’ve made the decision.

Dear adults,

I know how children or young people have to struggle because of a fucked-up life just because you can’t make your mind damn right when you talk to a children or to a young people. You do have shit in your life but don’t spit it out to your children because they don’t deserve your anger and they are not your training bag you can kick with your words everytime you are tired or every time people beat the living shit out of you.

If you want to make human being make sure you’re ready enough mentally to devoted your life for other life (read:children). Have them because you want them, have them because it’s time, have them because you love them in every whining, have them because you are ready to become one.


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