People I Utterly Avoid

There’s a lot of different type of people. Off course. People are different from each other which I agree, which I am. I have this list where I classified people and put them in my mind I wish they’re not exist. But they are. We can’t make people like what we did, do or will do, there will always people the opposite from us. I believe-90% and 10% for every anomalies-the saying “your friends reflect the kind of person you are” is literally. As when you make friends with good people in a good environment and they’ll immediately judge you a good human being.

I am not a picky-but-moody eater but I am an absolute picky-and-moody on making friends. There are people I avoid to make friends with or even just-say-hi friends with. It makes me seems isolated and narrow in my social networking, indeed. I don’t give a shit of having tons of people that named themselves my friends while they don’t behave like one.

1. People who talk behind other people back .

Whoaaa I hate this kind of people around. What so perfect about you so you can talk behind other people back about their mistakes, minuses, flaws and will that guarantee you they won’t talk about you behind your back. Get a better life, please!

2. People who are fake.

People with two faces. People who like to lick other people ass so they can get what they want. People who turn to be a too-sweet-to-toothache attitude in front of people they want to impress on. Or woman who eagerly haul herself to man-with-woman lap. Woman who pretend to be weak but they’re actually strong.

3. People who think he/she is always right.

What are you? A saint? People live through mistakes. People grow through mistakes. People learn through mistakes. Some people happen to make bad mistake or even worse. People have their own way on making the right or wrong decision to get out from their mistake, you can’t just what they do is right or wrong. What suit them maybe just don’t suit you because you can’t do what they can do. I like to make friends with people who’ve been through hell of a ride in their life because they won’t think they are always right.

4. People who judge.

When people always think he/she is always right he/she is always judging that you were wrong and he/she is right. Maybe if you that desperate to judge people as your hobby. Please take law school!

These are just some people I utterly avoid but this is my hard-line for a friendship. Finding a true friend makes me dive through hell of people but it’s worth waited, I met few and keep them close in hearts. I hope I’ll find more genuine friends (better someone with a hard life).


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