Weekly Writing Challenge: I Wish I Were

Dear life,

I am grateful with you, very. I appreciate everything that happens in my life, the good or the bad ones. But I do have a lot of things I wish I were all of these:

  • able to sing and play instruments. I really like how people who can sing but moreover I like people who can do instruments. Piano at the best. I always fall for someone who can play piano and I will be at my own lullaby. But I wish I were not deaf-tone and flat-voice, really, this is the worst part. I can’t make a good rhythm or melody even in playing-music games and don’t ask me about I am singing. Won’t be end of the world but it just not beautiful whilst I always struggle to memorize lyrics. In primary school, art lesson is the one that torture the most and when singing test is come up I die in other students chanting. I remember very well that I took almost a week to memorize ‘My Heart Will Go On’, yeah I know, I am pretty silly to sing that song for singing test on junior high. I don’t know that was such a hard-to-sing song.
  • able to do art. I think I have no luck with me when it comes to art. I am the very uncreative person in the planet. If you mix match two very different color I will always say it’s good. I can’t different color-not literally-more like I can’t match which color suit other color best. I want to be able to draw and to do craft but always end up a disaster. My drawing was always mountain with blue sky and birds every time in my drawing lesson. I can’t even draw a single line in a straight always slanting.

  • able to do martial arts. I am not gonna blame my parents for not letting me to learn martial art. I grew and made friends with most men in my life. When I was little, I was a punching-bag and a WWE Raw partner to my brothers. I wish I could tackle them at that time if only I learn martial arts. I wish I mastered mixed martial arts and marry someone like CM Punk.
  • living in romance novel. This one is a silly dream, but I think most women like it. Meeting your frog prince who insanely rich and out-of-your-mind handsome who find you like he find angel, who head over heels when he’s with you, who are icy to other woman but you, who showering you with hearts and flowers, who madly in love with you as you are to him.

What were you wish you were?


::credit on the picture::


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