Daily Prompt: 300 Words Of Paradise

You have three hundred words to justify the existence of your favorite person, place, or thing. Failure to convince will result in it vanishing without a trace. Go!

I decided to write about my favorite place: Bali. I know 300 words won’t enough but lemme try. In my whole life, I only went to Bali three times as I remembered: when I was a kid, when I was senior high and last June when I was old enough to understand its magnificent magnet for most Indonesia people and foreign people.

I went to Bali on June and only spent 3 days in the midst of busy working day but everything worth. I am half tourist and half traveler so I like a comfortable and cheap journey. Bali undoubtedly have a lot of attractions: temples, beaches, beaches, beachesrice terraces, museums, theatrical art performances, zoo, hot spring water, seafood dinner, Balinese music and dance, rafting, cruising, and more to Google for the rest 🙂

Apart from all the attractions what I like the most is the tranquility vibe that Bali has. Yes there’s traffic and a lot of vehicle around but less crowded and less horn less noise. and I like how Balinese stick to their culture despite foreignism. and I love how Bali have many hidden beaches where I can have myself tanned. Bali offer you countless reason for you not to not enjoy Bali, you want to go crazy there’s many place to hang out and to party, you want serene there’s endless place to go starts from hidden beach to mountain to rice terrace. My long ride with motorcycle to around Bali was very refreshing and pacifying.

I want to visit Bali more and soon.



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