Daily Prompt: Never Say …..

One day after my blog has been suspended. I am glad finally manage to get it back, thanks to Phil and Elizabeth WordPress for helping me out the problem. My life been dull without blogging 🙂 so today am gonna participate to the latest Daily Prompt.

#11. Tell us about something you’ve done that you would advise a friend never to do.

If I could advise someone things they should never do probably….

Never fall only to one man. I’d like to say fall in love as many as you can as you want and don’t afraid of your broken heart. Your world will only end at that time and your heart have auto-fix ability every time your love story ends. By meeting a lot of men and try to know them then you will have chance to understand many kind of men and find one that you feel suit you the best.

Never put other people before yourself. If you someone like me who like to think about others first than yourself then you should start to capsize it. Love 100% yourself first then you can love other people. Think about yourself first then think about other people. Make yourself happy first then think about other people happiness.

Never get into the same college for a man. When you’re in love everything look worth to fight for. You wanna stick around your loved one but when you’re still young and active and brilliant you intend to follow heart than mind. Everything seem romantic and than new people new environment and hormone raging might happen love won’t last long. and everything start to look foolish.

but as a saying never say never…..


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