Role Model

I think issues like family, parenting, and life that interest me the most. Hope won’t get bored with it. I saw too much of how a broken or not-yet broken family was. Wasn’t a good deal but always one of many ways I want to broaden my-already open minded.

We live unconsciously need a role model. We were form from our inner circle, a family. A family that consist a father and a mother and maybe brothers and sisters. Definitely when it comes to a question “Who are you look into?” Most of us will answer one of our family members it could be mother or father or other. But I think those 2 persons will pop up at the most. And that’s how being a good role model for our children as a good mother and a good father is necessary.

One saying, parents is the most important educator yet the most unprepared -Anies Baswedan-

And how about people don’t get enough good role of a parent of a mother of a father? That’s why society exists. Tons of inspiring people that some people look into. Some people are lucky enough to have a broken home with broken mother or broken father. Why I said lucky? Lucky in a way that’s not how stereotypely people see life, lucky because you’re the chosen one to have such a life, lucky because not all people can go through what you might’ve been through, lucky because problems make you stronger. And to those who have a broken life, other people existence become matter as problem make you grow, you know earlier which one is supposed to do or not.

Parents, a mother and a father who supposed to teach their children how to deal with life and how it’ll shape you into you are now. It’ll be wiser if a parent could teach you while they do what they taught their children. It’s only fair. It does gonna be a BS when you teach your children good things while you do otherwise. So I mean it when I said become a parent is hard. Should you must to behave yourself as an example for your children?

Some children are lucky enough to have a broken home, a broken mother or a broken father. Thus, they’ll look a lot into other people and learn which one is a good mother and a good father. Thus, they’ll know what kind of parent they expect they parent to be and what kind of parent they want to give to their children. Thus, a parent still a parent no matter how broken they are. They still the one who give you life and an opportunity to become stronger and better and different. No matter how imperfect they are they still our lifeline, someone to treasure and value no matter how bad they treat us. Someone to pity because they are not wise enough as we do. Because they’re not strong as we are.

Never hate your parents no matter how they broke you. They just don’t prepare enough how they will be a role model when they have children.



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