Juggling With Failure

This is how to kill my mood through silly mistakes: Two posts disappeared in accordance of slow internet connection plus forgot to save the draft, multitasking between drowning in pile of paper works, a wanting to read fifty shades of grey on line, sealing a wrong stamp in company contract. Great start for the week, right?

I have to admit I am a multi-tasker though I realize what kind of consequences will follow. It is clear to me that being busy with couple or more than one task in one time, one shot, is a challenge for me. It is said that women are better at multitasking than men but to generalize that every woman is better at multitasking will not very wise. Men can do multitasking too but it’s not including my husband 🙂

I know myself very well that my ability to multitasking more than 3 or 4 task at the same time give me a great headache and confusion which one to do first. Usually I manage to break them down into priorities that I found it high to low but I barely can manage it when I was working at office. I was too greedy to finish it in one time. So today was the example, I have piles of paper works in my desk waiting for me to compile and file them; basically this is what I do today at work:

. scan documents > save documents > copy documents > distribute documents > file documents

. manage incoming emails > download important files > print files > file files

. manage incoming calls > distribute calls to the designated

. prepare documents > stamp documents > send back documents

. lunch > look through archive > boss’s office

. fill in a form without clear purpose

while on my laptop I was:

. re-reading online a novel that I have at home

. thinking and write a post

. browsing a sport bag for husband

This pile of task I had today that brought me to A DISASTER! Gah! Yupe, a stupid thing is to let myself doing more than 2 tasks at one time.  The consequences that come along with multitasking is they don’t give you the best result, which I highly aware. I believe as brain can only receive to certain amount of order at one time, the lesser the task to do the higher focus and effort that will lead you to higher percent of result. I’ve read some researches and other articles about woman and multitasking but nothing knows the best than our self. This time I failed (again) to read and measure my capability on multitasking that cost me stupid mistakes. The worst part is I am a perfectionist and a mistakes is something a lot to take in.

Do you multitask? How many task you can do in one time?


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