How To Not Shop

Have you ever shopping blindly at the store and the moment you get back home you regret it? Have you ever buy things you never really wear it? Have you ever buy things you wish you never bought? Or when you have heaps of credit card bills?

I have. Had. except the credit card part.

Here are 5 tips I usually do to fight the urge to go shopping.

1. To avoid shopping means to avoid place that sell things-clothes,bags, shoes. Avoid mall. Lessen the quantity to go to mall especially when you didn’t have necessary reason to go there.

2. Just in case you need to go to mall. Don’t look around and go from one store to another store with an excuse for sightseeing. Window shopping is a big no-no. When you start sight-seeing and coincidentally found something you like. Boom. You’re going to shop.

3. There’s a time where discount is every where. or mid-night sale. with a giant letter UP TO 70%. Talk to yourself it’s a lie. Up to 70% not means all of the stuff sell was 70% most of are 20% some of are 50% a few of are 70%. Seeing the word discount itself some people already lost their mind, what happen then when you see 70%?

4. When you already fall in love for shoes or bags or clothes you hardly resist. (Again) Talked to yourself whether you rally need it or not. Identify which one became a need and a want. You yourself know best how many clothes or shoes or bags piled up in your walking closet.

5. Know your limit. If you really need to do some shopping always had a limit for every stuff you bought and for every time you go shopping. Stick to your limit so put down the shoes you grasp if it cross you limit and then walk away from the store immediately and never look back. Regret will probably fold you but it was temporary, it’ll goes by less in a week.

This 5 tips work best with me as I rarely do shopping. Probably once or twice at max a year (mostly to replace old work clothes) , I prefer and enjoy shopping for groceries the most now.

I hope this tips will help you. or do you have another tips to avoid shopping?



7 thoughts on “How To Not Shop”

  1. I remember when I treated shopping, like it was fuelling an addiction. Buying things for the sake of it. Shoes, I never wore, bags in god awful colours. I thankfully snapped out of it when my card went “nup”. <3.

  2. but i can’t do all these!! lol! great post though… one solution that i have is to sell some of my old clothes/ unused stuff. that way i won’t be so guilty when i shop:)

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