Daily Prompt: Success!

I would not say this prompt is easy but less-consuming my thought.

What is a life well lived to you?

1. to be grateful in every way God choose my life to be. I realized many people won’t agree with me but I am a strong believer of God. Likewise, I believe with faith and destiny. There are moments in my life where I found myself was dissociated from what I really want and ended up walking in God’s chosen path no matter how I struggle to get what I want. Life teach me no matter I crave for something that I think it’s best for me, God know better what best for me. To accept that, never easy but never hard-to-get.

2. to have self-control. to control everything on me not everything control me.

|anger| I learn to control my anger in everything by calming down myself in every way I find possible. Taking a deep breath, hold it and count to three before release it. Naming GOD name in every breath. Two best ways to suppress my anger.

|OCD and or OCPD| I suffer from it which I consider light-weight. Checking door or window three times, putting stuff in certain angle, my devotion on cleanliness and neatness, bad thoughts, images or movies in my head over and over again, or what mention here. I set a limit where I allow myself to do it and then *woooooosh* run from what trigger my OCD. It works for me.

|money| Yes, money can’t buy you happiness and with it you can buy things that makes you happy. but hell no money can define my life or make me define other people life.

That’s what I am mostly working on it. There’s more but suddenly I forgot, I’ll update when I remember.

3. to value family and best-friends in my life. What am I gonna do without them? I could die and miserable. Treasure them even not every of them is worth treasure. I’ll keep what make me grow stronger.

4. to live a life that just like life is.

As long as we try our best I think it’s a well life we live in.



6 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Success!”

  1. good one. i have ocd tendencies as well. i mean, hell, i have locks on my food box and lifetime supply of sanitizer.lol ^^ but we really shouldn’t let it limit our lives and define how we live ^^ best of luck to you 🙂

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