Daily Prompt: An Offer I Couldn’t Refuse

Well, finally back to blog. Started it with doing yesterday daily prompt; Well because I’m in different continents so I won’t blame the time difference.

Daily Prompt: Race the Clock>Set a timer for ten minutes, and write it. Go!

I am definitely a always-answer-yes person. Nothing I will refuse only to some extent that I found I couldn’t fulfill it. But If someone made some offer I really couldn’t refuse is definitely bought me a beautiful small  house with coastal meadow in rural area.

Why? I just love to have more space at home. Living a city with limited space made the option to have more space  for my house is a hard finding. Whilst I want to have more clean air to breath and far from the crowded and noisy city. I am not a fan of big house-just a decent and appropriate scale- but I fond of large meadow where I can have picnic or sleep under the tree or read book. Imagining a house far from everywhere with less neighbor might give me the serene I dream about.

If I have children they’ll have spacious playground. In my country I lived in, more people like to spend time in mall to hang out or restaurant for eat or chit chat while I like picnic, I hope I can invite people to have a garden party or picnic or anything. I consider to leave my city life If I could really have this place. Really.

Racing with time is thrilled me as I have to race myself while I type and think at the same time plus headache 🙂  9:26 minutes.


::credit on the picture::


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