Is it odd ……… ?

I’m surprised when I Google a question begin with is it odd……..?  There’s line of questions I found it ridiculous but questioning everything better than not to questioning at all. Absorbed by uniqueness in my bone, I appeared weird to some people like what I encountered this couple of days-weeks.

…..that I went to watch movie in cinema alone? As usual I had different work schedule with my husband. I work on weekdays while my husband mostly work on weekends so I hardly spent weekend together. Last week my husband was away in two consecutive every weekend left myself with a dull weekend. It was long weekend and I had nothing to do-forgave me for loving vampires-Breaking Dawn Pt 2 was release on November 16th and it’s a must-watch movie in my list. I decided to watch in a row with Skyfall that I haven’t watch. I watched Skyfall first and then Breaking Dawn, as I a bit late for Skyfall I didn’t have to feel the weird stares from the people who, I believe, focus more to Daniel Craig than me. Just when I enter the second theater for Breaking Dawn I could feel all those weird stares as I walked up to my chair and the girl next to me had her jaw dropped open when she realized I was a woman and alone. I could only rolled my eyes. Hey girls, I am not weird I am just love being alone!

…..that I less grumble about everything than people around me? So just to know I commuting 3 hours every day by train to go to work (1.30h each trip) I could definitely tell you it’s tiring. Last week, thank you to my beautiful rain city, there’s a slide in train line cause a major shutdown to last 2 stations. It took 6 hours for commuting 2 cities by bus with high traffic and more than that if you add heavy rain-it could took to 8 hours. All I could see in my twitter timeline is people bitching about the worse service of the government esp the train department. This is not the first time the train got worse and when it comes to rainy season everything went worst. Living in a developing country there’s so much you can complain about but I choose to less complain, bitching, grumbling or whatever because I think that’s wasting energy. Traffic, natural disaster, flood can happen anywhere not just in my country so rather than you keep complain for your own comfort, do something and just suck it up.

…..that I found WWE is funny? I never NEVER really like to watch wrestling but my brothers esp my husband like it so much. While I had to bear with it every night I grew interest to wrestling. At first I thought it was real but then I realized it was fake and part of entertaining. I found it how funny at how they get dressed-one night I saw Cena and CM Punk wore pink attire I was like !@#$% they can pick better color-and their fight was like never-ending tug war and the way they scream loudly. I love man with tats who’s hopelessly romantic but not in pink and not in an underwear :D. If it’s for entertain please wear a more fashionable pants-at least.

Have you ever questioning yourself odd?


::credit on the pictures::


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