Daily Prompt: Audience of One

Picture the one person in the world you really wish were reading your blog.

Write her or him a letter.

Dear CM Punk,

I didn’t even know you until last month when my husband accidentally watched WWE RAW on television. At first, I’d squeal to turn off the TV or changed to other channel because I didn’t know the amusement on watching wrestling that I thought it was real at the beginning until it was you and your fight. I asked him who’s that man in panties and he said it was you, The Best In The World-CM Punk . He explained to me that you were people’s champion wrestler like John Cena and The Rock.

I never got interested in this kind of entertain but I spent to watch your fight for the rest of the night. Admiring you. Now, every night I’d dominate the remote control and my husband nagged me to turn off the TV or changed the channel. Even though I took serious to watch your fight and will scream if you can’t finish it in one go, I learned that it was all for entertain purpose.

It was my alter ego, my boyish side that like fighting and tattoos, I found it in you. I imagined fighting-but not intentionally to hurt people-as a way to release my over-active energy. Since I was young, I had big interest in any kind of man’s doing especially in martial arts. Too bad my parents didn’t allow me to, as I now thank them because I might end-up as a brawler. Now that I’m big enough I have more option to take martial art but turned out there’s no krav maga in my town.

I have inability to appraise man’s looks as I used my instinct for man that I found attractive. Yes, I found you are attractive and hopeless romantic (personal opinion); a man with tats but have cute and silly smile though I’d frowned every time I looked at your face when you smack your opponent and frightened when you talk on the ring. Bad boys for life.

I lived across the continent but I’d love to meet you someday or maybe you meet me (I wish :)) and try to punch you in your shoulder.

Punk, please wear a longer and more appropriate wrestling trunks not the panties or wrestling suit and not pink!



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