Daily Prompt: Time Capsule

Yesterday (don’t blame time difference) Daily Prompt: The year is drawing to a close. What would you put in a 2012 time capsule?


This prompt made me quite think of things as I don’t have a lot of things going on in this year so this is what I want to put in my time capsule.

1. My jar of stars.

The idea to make 1000 of lucky stars struck me a couple months ago. First I made it to give it to my dearest cousin and friend but realized to give man a girlish stuff would embarrassed them and to avoid the rejected feeling I put it on the corner of my commode and never had a will to give them. I bought a little help to finish it to 1000 stars as I realized it took a lot of my time to make it to a thousand.

2. DVD’s of Suits (plus a picture of Mike Ross and Harvey Specter).

This is the first TV series I enjoy the most and refuse to miss a single episode. I love how they picture smart law without involving money and politics issues.

3. A picture of my adventure at Batu Karas and Green Canyon (Cukang Taneuh).

An once-in-a-lifetime-experience-is-enough moment of me body rafting at Green Canyon in a freezing mountain valley for four hours with the lack of sunshine (like it’ll help) that worth the view.

4. A letter to myself and CM Punk.

5. Slammed and Point of Retreat Book. Because I love this book so much.

6. The Breaking Dawn Part II movie ticket. My farewell to the vampires era and a reminder that Bella wasn’t alone who born as a Vampire. I’d like too.

7. My broken wedding placard that hit my head and broke into two 😦

So what about you? What are you going to put in your time capsule?



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