Sculpting Stone Or Writing On Water?

Start to learn at younger age like sculpting on the stone and start to learn at old age like writing on the water.

Maurizio Nannucci

I love this saying every time I face a condition where I, as a younger people, have to adjust my understanding to meet old people level.

There’s a lot of time in community where when people met some certain age they’ll feel superior to the younger people. With an excuse he or she was older; they can have the ability to look down to younger people. Because younger people are lack of experience in life they have no right to teach or even to let older people do the right things. By getting older sometimes people were dive in their pride and eating respect as their food that allow other people not to ruin it by hurting it. But then when they didn’t allow people to hurt it, they’ll give a green light to hurt other people pride. Irony.

Seeing people in community teach me to think from various points of view. Why older people crazy over pride and respect? Why younger people feel dejected and inferior? Why there’s such a thing as pride? And why it hurt so much when pride is hurt?

It’s a natural thing to have pride and respect in our self but I think the urge to feel people worship them to fill up their pride and demand respect that blind most people from the truth.

I have difficulty to deal with people in mid forties or fifties because in the past year I’ve experienced the arrogances of older people protecting their pride and respect in turn hurting mine. When I get older, seeing a younger people evoke the urge for them to respect me and fill up my pride but that’s not what happen. I wanted to be listen by them and they’ll do what I said they need to do because I felt I know better than them but they just didn’t. There’s a pride hurt there but then I realized that I can’t force something and I needed to respect them as I wanted them to respect me.

Treat people like how you want people treat you.

And that’s how I learn the pov of older people pride and respect things which highly exist to older people above my generations. Compared to the older people I’m pretty young and every time I face the moments where I met older people with high demand of pride and respect I’ll just going to understand them like how older sister understand her younger sister or brother. Because that older people didn’t learn something I’ve learn about pride and respect from younger people.

Learn everything from everyone, from baby, toddler, a kid, a teen, a young-adult, an adult, an old people. and this is an impossible task for someone who’s crazy over pride and respect.

Someone said to me to not even try to change older people behavior because you just can’t. Because it roots in them. For older people to start learning something or change something it’s like writing on the water. It’s not easy and requires tons of efforts unless if you were a ninja but still ninja need years of training.

Start sculpting now before you need to be ninja.



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