Daily Prompt: Plead the Fifth

What question do you hate to be asked? Why?

I love this prompt. It’s easy for me as the fact I don’t like being ask for everything happens in my life that not their business. I know it’ll sound harsh but that’s true, I have to fight being fake for answering small-talk-for-courtesy questions. It’s not that I don’t like talking, I love it but it just a matter the person who asked you. You can sense it if the person ask is someone who really like to interfere to other people life or not-usually I hate people who ask and judge.

Basically I mostly don’t like like being asked a question which has an obvious answer:

  • How are you? Obviously the answer will be good.
  • What are you doing? Duh!

or this none-of-your-business questions?

  • When will you have children?
  • Why you decided to wait for children?

Seriously the common questions always sound annoying if everyone keep repeating the same common questions.

What question do you hate?


4 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Plead the Fifth”

  1. You asked – the same questions as yours. Urg! So, my question is I hope this will not offend you, how do you respond to these annoying questions?

  2. Hi seeker, I am afraid I get lost with you asked-the same question as yours…

    How I respond annoying question will seemed harsh but this is just me, I could be more harsh the more annoying the question but this is enough to cut the crap off:
    1. I tend to avoid meet people to avoid being fake and just Hi-how-are-you moment.
    2. Answer the common answer for common question add with fake awkward laugh to make everything more awkward.
    3. I’ll just say with cheerful tone “well, it’s my life you know I am the one who do my life not you”

    number 2 work best at me…

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