Escape From Reality

Life is happen not always in a way that we want it to be happen

Sometime for some people or most of the time for other people life is happen in a different way we never thought it would be

But that’s how it makes life

Nothing is certain but the uncertainty itself.

I love my life more than anything and I grateful for that but as human born with natural greediness it’s normal to feel other life is green.

I don’t have that opportunity to have such a fun life I was never been so out of the line. Life is tough and made me passed some sort of a phase landed me old before my time and nowadays I realized as the consequences to that some of my emotional need to catch-up and am working on it now-by running not walking.

I am such a plain and flat personality so even I made mistakes-a lot whole and some big mistakes-I never strayed to far from what life told me. Not people told me. Life taught me to be very responsible with my life but I was young at that time so it was a tug-and-war to balance between with.

I remembered exactly how I fight and struggle everyday experienced something people at my age didn’t. My life wasn’t in order and walk backward opposite with how people life so most of the times I was lonely because I think not many-or maybe no one-understand me. Sometimes I wondering what kind of life I’d like to experience if I could choose and what would I do if I lived without rules. It’s always nice to see how people lived their life or even people who fake their life, they could have many options in their life. I hadn’t at that time.

If I was young I’d like to do more and more mistakes that I had been. I was so scared of rules and law, I lived with it. There’s some things I’d like to experience If I could but I know I could not and would not. Let’s escape from reality for a while and…

1. I’d like to get drunk. I tried to be a healthy human who stopped drink soda a long time ago, my drink is only consist of mineral water, tea, ginger and a syrup. But I like alcohol, I drink few deliberately because of curiosity and a lot accidentally because a friend of mine pour it in my drink without me knowing. But I never get drunk. And I’d like to test my limit. And I’d like to go party and gone wild, once.

2. I’d like to go wild at a party. Simple reason, seemed fun. In my whole life I marked a bar or a club three times and spent it on the table observing people who get drunk or gone wild on the dance floor. I guess I have  the body of 72-year-old granny, I found myself exhausted to colonize the dance floor. I enjoyed the music roaring loud inside.

3. I’d like to have tattoos. Not one but many. I love body art both piercing and tattoos. The last time I pierce my ear I faint on the public restroom, due to the shock and low blood pressure I vow to never get myself another piercing. I adore people with tats especially the beautiful ones-well, tattoos itself is beautiful. I know maybe for some people it looked bad (in my culture) but it’s beautiful and I love beautiful things

This might be sound silly because It’s easy to do, right? but then we have choices in life and choose not to do that for personal reasons. Do you have in  life thing you’d like to experience but you know you couldn’t and wouldn’t? Just escape the reality and share me.


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2 thoughts on “Escape From Reality”

  1. Sounds like you need to just let go and enjoy yourself! But I guess like you said, we all have our own boundaries and crossing it can be scary sometimes. You should make a bucket list of all the things you want to do and do them one at a time. Conquer your fears and have a little fun as you go 🙂

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