Don’t Waste Food

Last week I attend another wedding celebration and these issues again hit me hard: waste food. Wedding culture in my country probably different from people in Western (or probably the same) as we invited people in our longs connection and ended up in massive invitee. It could start from 100 invitee to thousands of invitee.

As a wedding host we’d like to serve the best to our guest and that happen to provide a wide variety of food in large amount. The caterer usually provide food in buffet and some in a small portion. But both are still disaster for a person who can’t measure their capacity for their own meal but take food in all-you-can-eat size. I have no idea how they treasure their life, they took a lot of food and didn’t even finished it I was like infuriating inside. I’d like to scream in their face of how they don’t know how big the farmers effort for every vegetable or meat they grew or how big the effort the cooker need to cook the food or how many children outside who can’t have a proper meal yet these people easily throw food in thrash can or leave it in the corner of the room.

There might be a lot of reason for to unfinished the food in your plate whether because the food taste bad or even because your lack of measuring your own capacity but that’s not a good way to waste food.

I used to waste food before but simply because if the food didn’t match my taste but ever since I learned it from my hubs that he didn’t waste food even when it tasted bad. We finally reached a condition where only if the food was looked and tasted awful and unable to eat or expired we then throw away food.

Last week I read a book with Uganda as a background then I realized even more there’s a lot of people mostly children who didn’t have the opportunity to eat a proper meal with proper nutrition while in the other hand people are wasting their food. But I guess being ignorant is easier, isn’t it?



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