Quit or Not To Quit?

These several past months I’ve been fighting with myself over should I quit or not to quit from Facebook. I finally found reasons why I must have to quit Facebook but then I was faced with being social person issues. I loathe Facebook for these reasons:

. It’s become a place for you whining or advising a lot.

. Tag of picture of friend’s of friends picture on friends page which I didn’t know who the hell they were.

. Too many pictures.

. People selling product in their Facebook account and tag pictures of you.

. Twitter is on the trend and Facebook felt like last year.

. You checked on people’s life often.

I was not an active social person so I have no need too many friends to keep. I have weird relationship with friends as we rarely contact each other only when one side in need. Well, I just don’t talk, I write. I was arguing that Facebook was one way to keep my sane as social person so that I’d knew one or two news of friends from their Facebook and that’ll make me stay in a knowing circle but opening Facebook keep bothering me and I don’t feel comfortable to use it.

Should I quit or not to quit?


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4 thoughts on “Quit or Not To Quit?”

  1. I can’t tell you what to do, but I will say I quit two years ago and never looked back. It is a huge distraction with little to no benefit. It is a platform used to sell you stuff, and to get you to give your personal information out to sell to others. Facebook security is a joke. Facebook exists to keep the fiction of dead friendships around like digital zombies- they’re not really your friends anymore, but you can see each others’ pictures like photos on the wall and pretend.

    The final straw for me was when a former co-worker popped up on Facebook and asked me if I could be her doctor. I deactivated the account right then. I’d had enough.

  2. I decided for the time being I’ll deactivate my Facebook account and hope will delete it completely in the futures. Surely I didn’t like to keep fake by being friends on Facebook while in the real life our friendship was just a “Hi”.
    Thank you for your input 🙂

  3. De nada.

    Be aware that your account can still be hacked even when deactivated (mine was twice). Once it’s deleted that’s apparently not a problem.

    I had a good laugh when Facebook told me my wife was really going to miss me after I deactivated. Somehow I think she made it through OK. 😉

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