27 In Silent

Today is the day am getting one year older.

Today is the day am feeling old.

Today is my birth day.

It’s been in this two years I desperately to have Birthday In Silent like I had last years. Means I didn’t celebrate it and didn’t give hint of my birthday on any social media so that I’ll only received less birthdays greetings and it’s from people that actually carved me in their head. Last year get less than 20 so who knows this year.

Last 2 years I made a wishlist of stuff I wish I owned and only birthday cake that came true but this year my wishlist more about my life. I made my 27 wishlist and still expecting an Audi R8, o yeaaaa *dancing*.

Today I’ll share 27 things about me that 99% people around me don’t know about it:

  1. I speak and write in English better than in my mother tounge
  2. I went to a club when I was 14
  3. I like gift and surprises
  4. I like hot vanilla milk and cold chocolate milk
  5. I don’t like sour fruits
  6. I choose to starve myself rather than eat unhealthy food
  7. I was stingy to myself but generous to people around me
  8. I was great at play pool and used to play for 7 – 8 hours in one day
  9. I can’t memorize lyrics and deaf tone
  10. I can’t say no
  11. I speak baby voice with my hubs and brothers
  12. I spoiled a lot to my hubs
  13. I know I like or don’t like people at first meet
  14. I don’t like being questioned
  15. I can’t drink coffee. Tea for life!!!
  16. I fall in love with fictional character a lot. There’s even a list
  17. I don’t like the color orange. Thought didn’t blend with my tanned skin
  18. I was cheesy. Especially when I opened my high school diary ewww….
  19. Rainy/Cold season is my kryptonite
  20. I want my life like in CSI or any action movie
  21. I am very open-minded or maybe too open-minded for my surroundings
  22. Silent is gold
  23. I don’t like how people call my name. Well, I don’t like my name actually.
  24. I have a memory of a goldfish
  25. I am a very sensitive person
  26. I adore like to stare male and female with plunging back line
  27. I can eat twice more or less than my hubs portion

“The year you were born marks only your entry into the world. Other years where you prove your worth, they are the ones worth celebrating. 
” ― Jarod Kintz, This Book Title is Invisible

white roses 2

Thank you hubs for this beautiful and lovely 27 white roses you gave me when I was asleep and you woke me up in the middle of the night bringing and putting this in front of my half-asleep face that when I woke up in the morning I thought I was dreaming. But I saw this 27 white roses near the bed in a basin. Anyhow, thank you love! I hope more more white roses in the years to come.

It’s good with getting older because I know and will love myself even better.



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