Emotionally Ready For Pregnancy?

Really random topics right? But since I am married, pregnancy topic was something I can’t avoid no matter I want to. Last weekend, I met my friends to have a small talk and because I missed them. One my friend is finally pregnant and I am so happy for her.

See, the weird thing is I am happy when I heard my friends or people get pregnant. But when they tried to turn the focus to me I was like speechless. I’ve been married for one year and haven’t have a plan to have a baby until this year second semester. To be truth, I am scared. of a lot of things.

From that small gathering enough to make myself thinking (again) about having a baby. I was planned to have a baby later this year from the beginning of my marriage because I have stuff I need to put it straight. Many reasons why I needed time before I get pregnant but first because I want to ready myself because I am the one who know myself better than anyone. I have this love-hate relationship with children and feel lack of maternal instinct. The picture of having someone who need my attention and the responsibilities frightened me. I was never really raising a baby but I guess I lack of love for myself and torturing myself for people happiness first than mine just before I get married I have this love for myself and beginning to treat more happiness for myself. Growing up while shoulder responsibilities of three younger brothers tore me apart-I am not blaming them but myself-with my own baggage I brought with me all the time. Which gave me result I wasn’t a good and responsible sister.

I decided planned pregnancy from the beginning for my personal reasons:

I want emotionally ready. Many adult said that you will not be ready if you’re not getting pregnant first which I’ll consider BS. I’ve seen many unprepared parents and I swore myself to never be like one of them. Saw how their lack of preparation gave huge effect to their child life always remind me what kind of parents I should be. I know people isn’t perfect but emotionally prepared is better if it’s come to other people (child) life.

I need more time to love myself more. To spend more time together with hubs with no one intruding while your sleeping. To enjoying my life. more.

By this I prepared myself with what I must do or not do if I want to have a baby or while I conceived. I have this personal opinion, when you make a baby you have this a lot of prayer that your baby will born in the best condition and with all the other positives hopes. That’s also happen when you conceived, you talk a lot of good things do positive things. Children is the apple of their parents, so when the parents are in their good condition good behavior and good hope I believe it’ll appear the same in their soon-born baby.

I know those who already have babies will say things will getting better when you give birth or by time. But I’ll choose to be emotionally ready. and no regret.




8 thoughts on “Emotionally Ready For Pregnancy?”

  1. In Canada, we don’t have any more pennies to spare as of today. On the topic of having children, you have the right attitude to prepare yourself. Once you have children, your life is for your children. If believe in God, pray about it.

  2. Am so agree with you, Mbak Fin… No matter what are their opinions on you, it is you who’s going to face all the things. If you are not ready, then you are not. And I am absolutely agree with you that I also my kids to be raised in a conducive environment, also emotionally ready for me to become a mom…

    You will be ready and become a great mom when the time is coming… πŸ™‚

  3. Thank you.. you too will become one great mom…
    To be great for your kids you have to be great for yourself first…
    Thank you for dropping by and commenting.. Really appreciate that πŸ™‚

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