Daily Prompt: All About Me


Explain why you chose your blog’s title and what it means to you.

My answer: I don’t really know.

I’ve managed three blogs now which now I found it very difficult to do because lack of times and lack of things to write. This blog ‘ve been neglected a long time before I determined to be active here and as a result I neglected the other. I was easily intimidate by other people around me (it’s not that their purposely intimidate me, it’s just my body react to what they do immediately), I guess I am lack of self-esteem and courage to be myself. Today I still struggle with it and it’s getting better and better.

At first, this blog means I can write a lot of things I want that won’t coming from my smart-mouth. I’d told you I didn’t talk a lot, but I think a lot, which gave result weird  for my community because they’re not as open-minded as I am. My first blog was followed by my family member and friends so I won’t as free as I want here. There Something Unspoken born. A birth of another me people barely see.

Now, I’ve manage to become more me and going to have a major change (again) which will include a change of the title that I hope will define more me and change of the theme as I am going to shut down one of my other blog.



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