Daily Prompt: Places

Beach, mountain, forest, or somewhere else entirely?

The answers for this prompt will be random to beach to mountain to forest to place where we live right now or place we want to live.

I love all places but I prefer somewhere with temperate temperature because I am not dealing very well with too cold or too hot temperature. Am off from mountain so I’ll go with beach. Who doesn’t like beach?

I am a city woman who doesn’t really like to live in a city, who likes where everywhere you go you was taunted by traffic jam and packed of vehicle? Not me! There’s two place I really want to be where I feel peace Batu Karas and Jember (my granpa’s hometown). Both were quite remote but still near the big city just what I like.

The picture above are from Batu Karas as for Jember it’s been years I never visited there but I hope someday within this year I could go back. I went there a lot where I was a kid with my grandparents and my cousin, we stayed at my grandpa’s brother where at the back of his house was a vast paddy field with one or two statue of a farmer I usually hang myself and the best part is people there still taking water with well. But I doubt they still do that.

Let’s go back there someday, grandpa.



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