Share Your World – 2013 Week 10

Share Your World – 2013 Week 10

If you could be any animal, what would you be?

I always love butterfly because it start from ugly creature to beautiful one but I’d prefer myself as a moth. It’s less attractive than butterfly and I don’t like being a center of attention no matter how pretty I am. Luna moth has sole mission in life: to mate and lay eggs. In this case, I’d like better if life have no such concern over money or pride or job and so on, just to live. Moths are expert sniffers, well I am an expert sniffer at finding people cheating, people way of life and people things. Moths are important food for many animals because moths are major players at the bottom of the food chain. Selfless

If you had to describe your day as a traffic sign, what would it be?

Traffic lights. Well, to deal with me surely this is the best to describe me. Red: When I was mad or in such bad mood. I have irritating mood swings. Yellow: This indicate me approachable if you know how to handle me. Most people will get fine ticket when they’re not careful enough. Green: is what? you got full access to me. It’s easy to have me green all the time. Just don’t be an exasperating human.

What was your most memorable birthday?

Though the fact I don’t really like birthday cake but I like it if someone made me a birthday surprise with tiny little cake. You pampering me!

In what do you find the simplest of joys?

In no particular order.

A long walk while listening music|Swimming alone| A cup of tea

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6 thoughts on “Share Your World – 2013 Week 10”

  1. I love that you wished to be a moth. Moths are intriguing creatures. I couldn’t choose moth though because my husband is afraid of them! Great answers and you have a beautiful blog.

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