A Day Without My Cell Phone

Today I accidentally left my cell phone that still sitting on my night desk right now. My morning rush is always hectic but never once I become forgetful. I forbid myself to be forgetful. But that’s not what happen today, as soon as I took my seat on the train for work I ruffled inside my bag looking for my blackberry and can’t find anything look like one.

I was anxious at first because I use my cell phone for work purpose which make me frequently check my cell phone for emails, calls, texts, or sometimes app updates but I am not nomophobia. I was wondering how many missed calls? How many messages will I have to answer? How many emails that need to be respond asap? Twitter check on weather, traffic, friends status. The thoughts worried me but as soon as I open my book I forgot about it at all.

It’s appalling to me when I arrived at office I feel myself at ease not having my cell phone with me. I actually feel relieve and glad for not having my cellphone. I used to be a gadget freak (I know I sound like men, but I prefer gadget over nice clothes) but when the technology become wild I resent them. I loathe smartphone nowadays because it’s too complicated and all-you-can-find in one single gadget that will drained the battery seem ridiculous.

It’s feel free to be disconnected from everything when I am mobile. Not having the necessity to check upon everything is relaxing. It’s while we’re on the move or being mobile that I hate to be disturbed by bringing cellphone. I like when everything still old school, you know, when you check emails/Twitter/Facebook only on home/office computer and making phone call when you’re at home/office only. It’s make you control technology not technology take and control your life.


I once thinking of disconnecting myself from technology including internet like my friend’s do but I realize I need technology. But nowadays I limited the use of technology and internet especially when it come to social media like Facebook and Twitter.

I surely can survive a day without my cell phone and hope to do it again in the future (on purpose, for sure). But someday I’d like to do another “A day without ………..” like I used to ask my students couple years ago.

If one day you could do, which one would be the most difficult for you to be without?



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