A Wish

Though you don’t remember my birthday. Though you probably remember clearly our promise. Though you might forget me. us. Whatever effing mistake happen between us.

Though I saw you happy now. Though I thought you’re going to be a father now. Though I definitely want to say personal ‘Happy Birthday’ to you. I remember him, remember her, remember us.

Though I look at your Facebook. Though I try to post a ‘Happy Birthday’ and I manage to delete it. Though I have your phone number. Though I try to compose a message and I end up delete it.

Though I want us to remain friend. Though past is past and future is future are hell different thing. Though I want you to at least say ‘Hello’. Though I was being fake when we made promise. To live effing happy and keep our ‘thing‘ in memory only.

I can’t. I can’t just to say you something and ruin everything. My happiness. Your happiness. I can’t keep you now or later. But I can keep us as memories. Beautiful sweet memories. Our beautiful sweet memories.

Maybe I’d like to remove you completely from me. Your Facebook. Your phone number. Your everything. But I know I can’t. I like to keep you as a friend. I want to keep you as a friend.


Happy Birthday, friend!

ph: weheartit


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