Share Your World – 2013 Week 12

I’ve been blessed by a lot of good news and good fortunes in my life and the life of people I love and treasure so I was floating 😀 I’ll share you a bit, my hubs manage to find a one-step-ahead job and now we’re finding a new place to live in a damned city. I hope we can move in this weekend.

My week would not just passed by without me doing Cee’s Share Your World that her questions enlighten my day. So here are her wonderful questions (as always):

When anniversary’s of unhappy times pop up, how do you handle them and what makes you turn your mood (attitude) around?

When it comes to anniversary that should be delightful thing right? I must be misread the question and stare blank at the screen digesting the question. and then I was like ah…….

I don’t have particular anniversary of unhappy times except for the death of my mother. It was hard at the first few years and I always make promise I can’t keep. Visiting her graveyard. Because I feel it’s an obligation every year thus I am afraid people will eventually forget her, or me forget her. But then I no longer need her death anniversary to visit her graveyard, I could come at anytime I desired to be.

She passed away 13 years ago and by that I grew adoring graveyard. Even it’s hard to accept her death, I always find peace every time I visit her graveyard. I could sit there for hours  talking nonsense to her tomb, to the wandering ghost (more like I talk to myself), to the nature or to find inspiration for writing and to self-reflect. I like graveyard a lot, when my foot entering the graveyard gate I felt a different vibe of life. Tranquility. This place contain nothing but modesty in living. People die will bring nothing but merit of good deed while they live; no such thing like money, title, occupation, house, achievement would matter. They equal there.

And I think that’s beautiful.

Are you a cat, dog, goat or prefer the zoo person?

I’m not an animal person. My ability to befriend with animal is unquestionably horrible. Cat is always frightened of me. I’m afraid of dog (blame my uncle for this), there’s a time I consider to get help from Cesar Millan . As for goat is stink.

How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?

My body would be 15 y.o

My mind would be 45 y.o

Are you left or right handed?

Both. But I am naturally right handed and grew to learn to write left handed. I tried to write backwards even but unfortunately weren’t be able to write with both hands at the same time.

So please visit Cee’s blog if you wish to join Share Your World and answers her wonderful questions or walking through her beautiful picture. 🙂



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