Can We?

Can we keep silent while we’re fuck?

To feel my world consciously

And to understand your lust of owning me

I don’t want to hear you asking

For undesirable sweat

I need you to keep quite while you enjoy your sticky fishy liquid blast in my vagina

I will not sigh about how you’re gonna love me in return

Can we keep silent when we’re fuck?

About the future we haven’t have yet

And how we will end up locking each other

In need of joint in strain

Where we choose to get hurt together

I don’t want to hear you bitching my frozen tranquility

As long we are not stop fucking each other we’re fucking fine

I need more beds, more filthy thought

To find my sensual passion

To treasure our future with

As we keep silent I crave to fuck you

I need more fantasy of our future

We can’t decide yet

To keep our skin close while snogging

I need more you in me, and me in you

And dying together in pain of losing each other

Can we just be in silent?


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