ForThePromptless – S. 2, Ep. 1 – The Alter Ego

The Alter Ego, in Latin, literally means “Second I” or “Second Self”.  It can refer to an opposite side to the personality within someone, or a counterpart like a trusted friend.

More info on the history of the Alter Ego, as well as alternate meanings here:

Suggested Prompts:

  • Share a picture of your alter ego, whether it be your best friend, or a version of you that others don’t often see
  • Share a picture of your pet’s alter egos
  • Write a poem/story about the alter ego
  • Make a list of your favorite alter ego duos in literature or film
  • … or make up your own prompt related to the theme!

Wohhooohhooo Rarasaur this is a very dangerous promptless for me. In reality, I think no one ever I really showed people the truly me or even the other me but I did somehow showing it on my blog. I have two alter ego but I am just gonna show you one here. The one that I think more acceptable just in case my family or my friends accidentally have their eyes in my blog. In my other blog the explanation of myself always stated: who was born half a supermodel and half a rock-star.

I knew I can’t be my alter ego in real life but I knew she was sleeping inside of me 😀 I always fascinated with loud and hard music varied from soft rock to hard rock to heavy metal, contemporary heavy metal, metal core, post-hardcore, emo, alternative metal, rap rock and nu metal, grunge, and all. I don’t care the genre as long as it loud enough to scream. I didn’t know a lot of female rock singer but my all-time favorite is always Hayley Williams. Well it’s more I listen Paramore music thousand times but I gotta admit she’s not bad.

Recently, I listen to TayMom music yes Taylor Momsen. Well, I guess she’s pretty close to what my alter ego is. She has model figures and do rock music though I expect more rough. She’s young and a rebel and sexy as hell. But no way am gonna strip myself :p




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