Grey Movie Review

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I know it’s a bit late of a review while it’s already plenty of review but since this movie was banned from my country then I had to have my own way. I was never a fan of books-turn-movie things especially if the genre is some kind drama with hearts and flowers (unless if it’s consist some action that I can enjoy) so yeah I wasn’t expecting much from this movie. Based on my curiosity over this well-know erotica romance book and Jamie Dornan off course I finally able to finish watching the movie.

My first impression when I watched this movie was badly awkward. Yeah that bad kind of way because I spent myself giggling of embarrassment through out the movie. This is why:

*Book conversation turn dialogue was extremely weird. It’s pretty romantic or dark when it was written in words but sound flat when it was said. I was turning away from the screen continuously as when Christian say “I don’t make love. I fuck, hard,” and “Laters, baby,” or “I’m fifty shades of fucked up”. It ruined all imagination, I guess.

*Some casts were less suitable. It started with Grace Trevelyan-Grey, Katherine Cavanagh, Ethan Grey. It lacks the feel that I got from each character when I was reading the book.

*Jamie and Dakota lack of chemistry. I found that the chemistry was not that ‘bound’ enough. I wasn’t that dreamy looking to the exchange between both of them some suppose to be romantic or dark but they brought it in between.

The second time I watched it with my husband intending to get his point of view from someone who didn’t get to read the book. I got to agree this time that the movie was not that bad. And that was because Jamie and Dakota acting was great despite their lacks of chemistry. Gotta admit I watched this more than a couple times because I like to rehash the story. Dakota made Anastasia Steele more appealing and funny and strong than what the book has. Gone inner goddess. And I swear I saw a better version of Bella Swan in her. As for Jamie he did his best to portray Christian despite the ‘weirdness’ characteristic of Christian, though in the book Christian are millions way more dark than what Jamie portray but he doesn’t appear to be trying.

Not gonna comment a lot on the sex scene but it was considered considerate enough as in the book it was such a boring and repetitive sex scene. Yes, some people view this story as an abusive relationship which I can’t agree more but I choose to be wiser as everything need an example and through this I learn what kind of abusive relationship are. But this movie makes Grey doesn’t come off as abusive except when he lets loose on Anna with with a braided belt. Though she doesn’t safe word.

Well I guess lots of people are that curious about this movie in my country preferably because this was erotica genre. Not something that was talk or discuss or doing openly in public. But to me this books and movie was not all about sex, it was a romance books with just too much repetitive sex scene. That’s and the ‘red room of pain’.I learned a lot through this books about abusive personality, coping mechanism and BDSM (a world I never though exist). But I gotta say this books and movie was NOT a good example of BDSM practice.

The movie run for 125 minutes and comprise about 15 minutes of the film, or less than one-fifth of its 100-minute running time. SO don’t get your high up on the sex scene. I do expect the sequel though because I knew in Fifty Shades Darker it was more twisted and dramatic. But I dunno, hope they write a better screenplay.



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