ph: weheartit

I met you there under the Orion belt between our separated bed. You were my dream. My expectation going real. Until the reality was a big deal. I was with someone when I never thought you would come. My stance teetery my attitude cranky my world becomes jolty.

Your love is sweet when it’s new and sweeter even more when it’s true. I hope it’s true. It was a sweet concise love. Until I left you. Before you left me. Until I realize loving you is something I couldn’t do. I tore apart my faith left everything just for you is something I would do. But I stopped before I consume you more than I could handle you. 

You said love is all we need. We’d able to rock the world, but I never thought it was the real world, I thought it was our tiny little love world. You said with love is enough to not emphasize our boundaries and our barriers. Love doesn’t always solve everything, dear my Pisces. I have faith and you don’t. I know goal but you’re not. I want hereafter symphony but you not.

I loved you and I left you for our own good. But you don’t understand. You just won’t. You ratty and won’t talk to me. As if I am filthy and deceive. I don’t have eyes with anyone, I have my eyes on you when I’m with someone. I don’t play games but life itself is a game.

I will miss you my Pisces

your passionate kisses and your loving embrace

but we never meant to be



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