She is 

Another she is

The other she is

As long as not me

You worshipped her

You loved her

You adore her

You admire her

You treates her like one

You didn’t let her lift a finger

You didn’t let her smell like a smoke

You didn’t let her pay 

You picked her up

You took her home

You listened to her

You understanded her

You came to her

I was never a lady

I was a rug you step on

I was a trash can you pour your problem

I was a spare tire you put in the trunk

I was the in-between

You never worshipped me

You never adore me

You never admire me

You never treat me like one

You let me did heavy stuff

You let me ride in the sun in the rain but never in shades

You picked me up late in the dark road 

You took me home only when you done

You never listen to me

You never understand me

You came to as a last resort

I was never a lady

Then why keep me?


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