I Don’t Know

Picture by pinterest


2 a.m

I woke up with an urge to look through

Scrolling to the name I knew

The name I marked a long time before

Because it was a nickname

(no one gives nickname unless it’s something)

With secretive dub and deleted messages


It was what it was

That kill my curiosity

It was the answer to my leery




The day you were not in my bed

Distance was what lay ahead

We texted we called we facetimed

Finished with a promise to meet in the dream

Just before nine

But I found you woke up until almost midnight

And it all start just before nine

It’s an end to one and a start with another one



8.45 p.m

It started with a question about work

With a little bit of affection

Then it was answered with another flirtation

When it should be about about job

There was much good-natured banter

That was started with you

Asking her facebook

Asking her instagram

Asking her what she was doing in saturday night

To addressing her being busy

To waiting her going home

To letting you know if she was home

To commenting her being home late

To asking what she was going to do once home

To hoping you will have longer word to exchange

Or to hoping you will call her or facetime her

I don’t know

It might be deleted or it might never happen

But It was finished with a good night



11.45 p.m

The nickname girl, I named her

A girl who has no face

A girl who’s on my list

A girl I bet is younger than mine

Who has the audicity to play a game

A hard-to-get game

That was so challenging to conquer

I was so aghast

Battling to keep my sanity at bay

Struggling to give the benefit of the doubt

While killing myself in jealousy

Perhaps he was a flirt

Perhaps she was testing the water

Perhaps I was hurt

I don’t know

Or may be he didn’t know

Or may be she didn’t know either



I don’t know.


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