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It Hurts.

Love is hurt
Love is capable to destroy one heart and cherish the other

Love is capable to make people blind of one eye and one heart

I could love

I could hate

I could transform love into hate

Love is jealousy

Love is when one entitled was allow to wait in the dark and the forbidden one was allow to bath in shine

I could love

I could revenge

I could transpire love into revenge

Love is stupid

Love is when you dive into lust of your own and don give a fuck to other.

Love is when you bow in temporary cheap thrills and lost in adultery.

I could love

I could, Love x



It’s been sixteen years
Loong and hollow

There’s day it was unbearable

But then there’s day I hardly remember

Mind is like a mesh

Remember certain things 

And forgot others

I was afraid I’d forget

So I have you everywhere

In pictures

in wall

in wallet

in your old book recipe 

In your handwriting

That’s how I keep you alive

By remembering

By baking

By cooking

Because only then I can meet you through memories.



One being said
Was different from
One being felt

I was cry for you
I was cry for him
For you to feel the unfairness
That was totally denied
Totally unacceptable
For him to have feel the unfairness
That should name of love
Totally bullshit love

One being said
Was different from
One being felt

I was cry for you
I was cry for him
For you my ache gone deeper
That I didn’t remember mine
Only yours
For him to have drag down
That I have so much bitterness for
Only you

One being said
Was different from
One being felt

I was cry for you
I was cry for him
For you to have gone through all
The bullshit that I have to witness
That crashing down your life
For him to have one undefined
Role that let you be swept by waves
That limiting your life

One being said
Was different from
One being felt.


ph: Hplyrikz.com

after mind-blowing screw so I could knew

what it feels beneath you and what please you

and to where our relation will flew after all the shit I shew

belong to me, I beg you, and I you


 Why must embarrassed

When we have nothing to show

Yet to hide

When we are not even a couple

More to stranger who like each other crazily

I imagined we sleep together

The three of us

While playing with our own phone

Speak lovely to our spouse

Telling them how much we miss them

And hoping to return home



ph: weheartit

Language… has created the word “loneliness” to express the pain of being alone. And it has created the word “solitude” to express the glory of being alone.  — Paul Tillich

Being solitary is being alone well: being alone luxuriously immersed in doings of your own choice, aware of the fullness of your won presence rather than of the absence of others. Because solitude is an achievement. Alice Koller  

I like the idea of being alone. I like the idea of often being alone in all aspects of my life. I like to feel lonely. I like to need things. Robert Plant  



Picture from here

I hate that I have to surender
my will my want my need
So that you can live easy
and I live hard er
So that you blind for every
shed of tears prickle of sweats taste of blood

I hate that I have to give up
my happy my sorrow
So that you can live in lights
and I live in the nights
So that you dance under
my misery my moon my doom



People might forget but not remember
Or might not forget but not remember
Or might not forget but remember
Or might forget but remember
This is what years did to you

*sometimes I cried because I missed you or because I forget about you or because I remember about your(pain)s but mostly because I want to share to you so I won’t feel lonely*



Should I listen to you
That I better speak
And live in patience
Hard work is a must
Decent is all about
Should I know you
Talking behind my back
That I was not grateful enough
And It’s okay for me to suffer

Should I listen to you
That you praise yours
Where struggle is mild no-no
And should live in luxury
Of comfort
Should I know you
All bark and no bite
That I found amusingly ridiculous
And all words are command

Should I listen to you
That all yours are the best
One with no flaw
All in perfection-fake perfection
And bathing in too much delusion
Should I know you
Present is always present
Past is a present
And future is no where to be found
All is about you and never me


ph: galaxy-is-my-limit

Sleeping sleeping

How many time do you need for sleeping

So will you wake up brand new

And ready to sink in

New day new life new challenge

Sleeping sleeping

You always sleeping

And will you end up sleeping

Many seconds of many minutes of many hours

Leaving me bearing of you sleeping

Sleeping sleeping

I hate it when your life is all about dreaming

In the morning in the day in the night

So you might be seeking

For anything but sleeping

Sleeping sleeping

Ain’t no beauty sleeping

Or probably the beast roaming

And leave aching

Of living

Sleeping sleeping

You should stay sleeping and beautifully dreaming

But that ain’t no life

and you’ll never survive