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Do People Still Read Blog?

This is the first thing that came to my mind just now when I start opening my blog again, to write. I was wondering do people still read blog. I am sure people still write in blog for any kind of reasons such us a personal journey or a job or else because I sure like to save my personal journey or personal thoughts on blog as a part of sharing information that you might find useful or not.

I’ve been drowning in motherhood so I was having a hard time keeping tabs on people post in my blog. Plus with all the social media hype people find a new outlet to express themselves like though instagram or twitter or any social media (I’m sorry I am not really familiar with other social media except those two). So I was kinda anxious did people still read my blog or other blog and not just click like casually or actually read all the post and click like to appreciate what on the post.

So do you still read blog? and why?

Thank you




Daily Prompt: Stranger

Have you ever had a random encounter or fleeting moment with a stranger that stuck with you?

I am all about strangers. random and fleeting.

I think it is my solitariness that brought me to strangers. My first ‘real’ boyfriend, my best-friends, some secret admirer all are strangers at first. Even until recently.

I think me being alone is a magnet for strangers, a lot of times I think why men easily approach woman who is solo and not in a pack, and that’s it. I am all about mute when face-to-face conversations though but that didn’t hinder them to approach me. I met strangers everywhere but mostly on internet chatting or swimming pool.

I could talk often on internet chatting and being so chatty online but in offline I was statue. It’s hard for me to speak to real person, can you give me any reasons why? But I’ve dated some off guys form my internet chatting but went no further and I guess you know the reasons, I wasn’t as interesting as I was online.

I know, you’ll probably questioning how come swimming pool could be place where I met a lot of strangers. Well, I was kinda different girl to come to swimming pool in pack and all they do just chatting but I actually swimming in the same line with the men and I swim as much as the men do and even more. So I guess that’s where my attraction comes from. They’ll start on “how many lap have you been?” then to “what time do you finish?” then “can I take you home?” to “can I have your phone number?” or “will you come back next week?”. And I’ll answer monosyllabic. My encounter once lead me to job offer, he insist I apply to his office. But I never really took further with them because most of them pretty persistence to the point I’m sick of it. I hate when people insist me so it’ll never work out. But once, absentmindedly I agree when one of them drive me home and I swear that’ll be the last for it. I dread for being so stupid but I thank GOD there’s no such bad thing happen.

I was pretty brave girl when I young and not thinking the dangers of involving with strangers but after some not too good experiences I became more cautious. Basic knowledge:



Quit or Not To Quit?

These several past months I’ve been fighting with myself over should I quit or not to quit from Facebook. I finally found reasons why I must have to quit Facebook but then I was faced with being social person issues. I loathe Facebook for these reasons:

. It’s become a place for you whining or advising a lot.

. Tag of picture of friend’s of friends picture on friends page which I didn’t know who the hell they were.

. Too many pictures.

. People selling product in their Facebook account and tag pictures of you.

. Twitter is on the trend and Facebook felt like last year.

. You checked on people’s life often.

I was not an active social person so I have no need too many friends to keep. I have weird relationship with friends as we rarely contact each other only when one side in need. Well, I just don’t talk, I write. I was arguing that Facebook was one way to keep my sane as social person so that I’d knew one or two news of friends from their Facebook and that’ll make me stay in a knowing circle but opening Facebook keep bothering me and I don’t feel comfortable to use it.

Should I quit or not to quit?


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